Environmental risk assessment of plant protection scenarios at a landscape scale in the Rhone Valley with the GIS-based indicator SYNOPS

Session thématique #02
Arboriculture fruitière - cidriculture - viticulture
Communication orale

Co-auteur(s) : Aude Alaphilippe 1, Claire Lavigne 2, Jean-François Toubon 2, Benoît Sauphanor 2, Benoît Ricci 2, J. Strassemeyer 3

In agronomy, upscaling from the field to the landscape is a recent tendency. The goal of this upscaling is to evaluate design technical and landscape scenarios capable of enhancing plant product quality while improving environmental sustainability from an applied point of view. For this work the GIS-based risk indicator SYNOPSa was applied to assess the environmental risk on the basis of a study, which aimed at characterizing the cultural practices for pome fruit production at a landscape scale.

The figure below describes the different steps of the work accomplished to implement the regional risk assessment in the “zone 13”. The “zone 13” is a 70 km2 pome fruit production area located in the Rhone valley surveyed since 2006 (...)

1 INRA - Saint Marcel-lès-Valence
2 INRA - 84000 Avignon
3 Julius Kühn - Institut-Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants - Kleinmachnow (Allemagne)